Don't speak geek? Afraid you'll mess it up?

More than 80% of projects run over time or budget. We provide professionally written specifications that will help you...

Complete it Sooner

Complete clarity at the start of a project eliminate rehashing details that derail your project timeline.

Save Money

Sufficient detail enstills developers with confidence, eliminating the need for estimate bloat.

Eliminate Surprises

Detailed specifications leave less room for hidden costs caused by out-of-scope features.

Get It Right, First Time

Clear and specific requirements ensutes you get everything you wanted in the first round.

Avoid the pitfalls!

Providing the ideal level of detail to freelance developers requires experience.

Over the last 18 years, we have seen the perils and pitfalls of custom software development projects, first hand. We have learned the hard way, so you don't have to. We know that details matter, we know what information is required, how to extract it and how to present it to freelance developers.

With us you can significantly boost your project's chance of success.

Get Started Now

How it works

Save time and effort with our simple requirements elicitation process. We'll guide you through it from start to finish.

1. Submit

Complete the short application form online and submit for a Spec Poet to review.

2. Poetry in Motion

We work our magic to extract and expatiate your input into the information required.

3. Tada!

A detailed requirements specification is drawn up, that will give your developer super powers.

All plans include

Rock your next project with all these software development essentials.

Requirements Elicitation

We faciliate the processing of extracting and expanding your ideas into detailed requirements.

Requirements Board

We provide a Trello board so you can easily organize and update your requirements and share with others.

Requirements Specification

A printable list of your detailed requirements for easy sharing with others.

Draft Project Plan

A draft document with outlining the context for the project including the deliverables, milestones, priorities, etc.

Sample Test Plan

A sample test plan you can use to add your own success criteria to define what your desirable outcome looks like.

E-mail Support

Limited support for questions, minor changes and additions. Please check the support level for your selected plan.

Choose your perfect plan

All of our plans offer the same features. Simply choose the amount of effort you feel comfortable with for your project.


Per Project
  • Up to 20 Requirements
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Project Documents
  • 2 Days Email Support


Per Project
  • Up to 30 Requirements
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Project Documents
  • 3 Days Email Support


Per Project
  • Up to 45 Requirements
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Project Documents
  • 7 Days Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a specification for my app idea?

If you want your app to work like you imagined it, it’s important that your developer has as much information as possible about your project. With our wealth of software development experience, we know how what information is required and how to extract it. We have learned the hard way, so you don't have to.

Can my developer write my specification?

When the requirements don't come from you, the customer / supplier relationship is not as effective. It adds unnecessary complexity to the project and can become a major factor in the end result. Are you willing to run that risk with your time and money?

Why use Spec Poet to write my project specification?

It’s important for your software development team to have as much information as possible about your project. Our requirements elicitation process is structured in a way that we do the bulk of the legwork for you to extract the information required. This means that the least possible amount of your time and head space is used in drafting the project specifications.

Why can't a just run my project without a specification?

Without a detailed specification your freelance developer won't be able to give you an accurate cost estimate upfront. 80% of projects run over time and budget, 1 out of 3 fail completely. So, unless you have the time and money to burn, the risk is just not worth it.

What role does Spec Poet fulfill?

When it comes to the customer / developer relationship, we are in your corner. Our purpose is to help you be better prepared when hiring a freelance developer.

How do I use the specification documents you provide?

The specification document can either be handed to your developer immediately, or you can first review it and expand on it even further using the structure provided.

What is a user requirements specification (URS)?

The user requirements specification is a document that describes what the user (or customer) expects software to do. The URS is created before a project begins and can play a major role in the success of a project.

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